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Здраво, свима! Сматрам да је крај текуће године најбоље време да се на картици корисника појави заслужена споменица. Поздрав! Filipović Zoran (разговор) 18:51, 27. децембар 2020. (CET)

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Launched in October 2020, the #SheSaid campaign on Wikiquote has been an amazing success! Across 7 languages, by the 5th January, it resulted overall in 867 new or improved articles (the majority new). Italian Wikiquote was the clear language winner (405 articles) with Ukraine (187) and French (106) coming not so close behind. And let's not forget the great work done on the Spanish, English, Serbian etc. wikiquotes. Congrats to us all ! All results on the #SheSaid meta page.

Please consider the campaign is on-going (there is still much work to do...) :) Please keep contributing quotes from women !

Anthere (разговор) 13:38, 19. јануар 2021. (CET)