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My user page... Visit sr:User:Obsuser and sr:Special:Contributions/Obsuser for more, because I mostly contribute on Serbian Wikipedia and live in a country where it is one of the official languages.

About my work and my philosophy, shortly, bla-bla part:

I contribute on sr.wikipedia and do everything there, in all fields – including 1:1 translation of English Wikipedia articles, templates, modules etc. – to show that language is not important as such and that we should not be "protecting" our native language or anything "ours" while absurdly judging, trying to underestimate or even suceeding to harm other languages, people, nations, states, groups or something what is usually actually better than "ours" (talking from Balkan perspective); such "items"/"goals", as I call it, some people fight for are very wrong, and I see this as a huge problem because it is how resources get wasted and even harm done; we should only fight for knowledge and well organized society, for humanity, for piece, for nature, for God. Language is only a mean, everything is a mean, even we are a mean (both body and consciousness, as part of the nature; we simply exist, we are symmetrical, that's God – external one probably doesn't exist, afterlife is probably here immediately after one's death etc.). This is why only information (relative to language, used to transfer it) and love is what's important, and that's why only way of building future really must include everyone (as it's simply put here)... As long as this song (English article, possible English translation, YT) reflects global state, as long as this song is current, nobody has right to be generally happy and everything has to be done just to stop it! Our home is not only our home, it is whole world, it is we. I think that we must never leave principle of seeing same reality outside us (as explained in this book); trying to upload consciousness or something like that what futurist propose is silly, because we are created to live together, to witness the same world, to use reason to solve everything – not to try to use AI or something to blend reality somehow, and not to pretend like something is not happening in some other country or society where some people starve while others try to leave Earth or are obsessed with their body / themselves, even if they manage "their private property" (this is not good resource balancing at all, can and must be done much better)...