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Sorry, but I just don't understand. Can you say what you meant in a completely different way? - [[Корисник:Dcljr|dcljr]] ([[Разговор са корисником:Dcljr|разговор]]) 23:01, 15. август 2017. (CEST)
:{{ping|@[[Корисник:Dcljr}}|dcljr]]: You can ignore it. But I will explain. Of course I didn't think of changing both this wiki and sr.wiki counting method. Second one is correct except that I didn't mean exactly on 'any' but only gave compass, reference. Third one no.
:With "тако да се броје све странице осим преусмерења и сл., као и на Википедији" I wanted to say "so that all pages except redirects count etc. <small>[actually ''and similar'' is exact translation for ''и сл(ично).'']</small>, as on <small>[like on / like in / as in]</small> Wikipedia" <small>(you can put "so that all pages except redirects count etc., as on Wikipedia" into Google Translate and will get same Serbian translation: "Тако да све странице осим преусмерења броје и слично, као на Википедији"; in second translation offer "и" is found as possible between "као" and "на" in "као на Википедији"; reflexive pronoun "се" is missing after "да" in "да све странице осим преусмерења броје"; т is correctly non-capital in second translation offer; verb "броје" position not making any change)</small>.
:Because on Wikipedia all pages in main namespace, except redirects (and I guess disambiguation pages) count as articles (Pages with content, first cell stats on Special:Statistics) – major difference which is key in this whole discussion is that pages with no wikilinks count on Wikipedia, here they currently don't count, so I gave reference by saying that after this change it will be here "as on Wikipedia". Do we agree that after changing method to 'all' here, even that on Wikipedia it is not 'all' (at least as you said), counting will be generally same as on Wikipedia (articles with no wikilinks also count, redirects don't count; main two factors for users both here and on Wikipedia)? If this is not true, could you explain differences that would exist after changing on this wiki to 'all' and current Wikipedia way of counting Pages with content (in terms of what counts, what does not)?