Сам у кући 2: Изгубљен у Њујорку — разлика између измена

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* (након што су видели Кевина) Хеј, вики ко је овде Марв. Ухватимо га!
== ДиалогДијалог ==
: '''Кевинова мама''': Каква врста идиота ради овде?
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:'''Хари''': ''[хватајући Кевина]'' Дођи тати!
:'''Marv''': 'Round trip to Miami? What's the matter, kid? Get on the wrong plane, sport?
:'''Harry''': Looks like you won't be needing this, kid. (takes ticket out of Kevin's hand and rips it)
:'''Marv''': ''American'' don't fly to the promise land, little buddy.
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:'''Harry''': Yeah. We stay around for a while, grab a couple of phony passports and then Hightail it to some foreign country.
:'''Marv''': Arizona? ''[He uses a sticky glove to steal some coins from a Santa Claus' bucket]''
:'''Harry''': That's very smart, Marv. You bust outta jail to rob fourteen cents from a Santa Claus?
:'''Marv''': Every little bit helps. Besides, now we've got our new nickname: We're the Sticky Bandits!
:'''Harry''': ''[Annoyed]'' Real cute.
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:'''Harry''': [Opening the cash register in Duncan's Toy Chest] Merry Christmas, Harry!
:'''Marv''': [Opening a chest stuffed with cash] Happy Hanukkah, Marv!
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