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Since this project is rather inactive, I've put up the page, but no one will answer it unless I call someone to vote. There is [[Special:Listusers|virtually no community]] here. --[[Корисник:Dungodung|Dungodung]] 12:00, 27. август 2005. (UTC)
====NewНови bureaucratБирократа====
Dungodung made bureaucrat on 15:02, 25. јануар 2006. (UTC) after request on meta and vote on irc. If there are complains, adress them to [[m:user:Anthere]]. [http://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Requests_for_permissions&diff=279252&oldid=279242] [[Корисник:Anthere|Anthere]] 15:02, 25. јануар 2006. (UTC)


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